July 30, 2021

Global Call to Action!


Fracking is ecocide

Climate Criminals

Science = No Fracking

Regional Event

Join us in an international month of action against fossil gas expansion and fracking! In August, we make it clear that we will not accept this colonialism, environmental destruction and climate fraud!
We are coming together again internationally to stop the expansion of the climate-killing gas & fracking industry with an unprecedented global action this August! Homelands in MAPA, and more broadly in Global South countries, are facing a death sentence as Germany/Europe is investing billions of euros to lock itself and the world into dependency on more gas for decades to come, with drilling and fracking expanding everywhere and skyrocketing methane emissions.
That’s why we plan to mobilize all over the world with Shale Must Fall, Ende Gelaende, XR, FFF, and all the local frontline groups that are resisting this ecocide.
There Is No Alternative? Bullshit! The fossil fuel industry and finance capital together with its allies in governments and the media are making a major push globally to position fossil gas in the wake of the Ukraine war as the only viable solution to ensure “energy security”. Instead of phasing-out fossil fuels immediately, ramping up renewables and implementing degrowth-oriented measures to save energy and enable a better life for all, they claim that “there is no alternative” to the massive build up of gas import infrastructure in Europe and other places which directly fuels neocolonial expansion of fracking in the global South and locks us into decades of carbon emissions and environmental devastation. The ruling classes will simply do whatever it takes to keep fossil capitalism alive and themselves in power.
Liquefied fossil gas is an expanding form of colonialism. The energy industry is currently widely investing in expanding the production of gas, mostly by fracking, transporting it around the world in the form of liquefied gas (LNG). European and American multinationals, including Shell (Netherlands), BP (UK), Wintershall (Germany), Total (France), Equinor (Norway), Repsol (Spain), Eni (Italy), Exxon & Chevron (US)  expand fracking production in Indigenous territories in the US & Canada, Latin America and Africa. To pursue corporate profits from exploiting those territories, fossil fuel companies have been involved in the systematic murdering of frontline activists and displacement of communities, while their operations cause severe illness and death due to the irreversible contamination due to the fracking process.
It’s 2022 – everyone knows that gas sucks! Sold to us as a temporary solution or bridge fuel, in reality fossil gas is accelerating the climate crisis at an extreme pace since its combined footprint of total CO2 and methane emissions is the worst of all fossil fuels!  When the full extraction process for gas is taken into account, depending on where and how it is extracted, the carbon footprint of this fossil fuel is either comparable or much worse than even that of coal. Fossil gas produced by fracking is especially detrimental – both to climate and local environment!
It is time to urgently put an end to this climate injustice and colonialism. Ende Gelände is coming together with the Shale Must Fall coalition of movements and frontline groups across the world and calling for decentralized global day(s) of action. In Germany, we are setting up a large climate camp near Hamburg  from August 09 to 15, 2022. We will make the strength of the climate justice movement visible. We will connect with other social and international movements.
In the camp and in the actions we will make the connection of different struggles visible. Together and simultaneously with a multitude of activists on the frontlines and groups around the world, we will oppose the colonial gas crimes during our international days of action.
In and around Hamburg we will disrupt the fossil and neocolonial conditions with manifold actions of civil disobedience this summer. For instance, the port of Hamburg is a symbol of colonial exploitative trade, arms trade, nuclear transports and a transhipment point for raw materials and blood coal from all over the world. We counter this with our visions of a society based on solidarity and alternative economic models such as degrowth.
We will only have an affordable and just energy-supply if it is renewable, decentralised and community-owned. We need energy democracy. We call for a radical transition towards renewable heat-sources, and for structural measures to reduce energy demand in the Global North!
We will show that we have 100 billion better ideas than investing money in war, weapons, gas and more climate-damaging infrastructure.

Join us!

Please send us an email at info@shalemustfall.org

Global Call to Action!

August 2022

No fracking! No fossil gas boom! No LNG! Shut down and dismantle colonialism and fossil fuel capitalism now!