Climate Criminals

Prime Contributors To The Climate Catastrophe

Corporations refuse to modify their destructive business model in the face of irrefutable evidence their activities contribute to the rate of change to our climate.

Stop Fracking Now

Fossil Fuels = Ecocide

We Have the Power and Responsibility to Halt Climate Catastrophe

Mobilizing around the globe we can make a difference. First, you need to understand how climate criminals work.

Carbon Majors Report: Groundbreaking ‘Carbon Majors’ research finds 100 active fossil fuel producers including ExxonMobil, Shell, BHP Billiton and Gazprom are linked to 71% of industrial greenhouse gas emissions since 1988.”

Shell Oil








Happening Now

World Water Day: From Talk To Action!

World Water Day: From Talk To Action!

March 22nd is World Water Day, a date of critical significance at a time when the climate crisis is leading to growing water scarcity and the vital element has started trading in Wall Street as a speculative asset rather than a basic human right.



Ontario - “A lot of LNG gets shipped through here and it’s been the main fuel source for the growth of cities here. I’m concerned about the impacts of how this hits everyone and hearing the testimonies and the impacts on the climate.”