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“My name is Ina – Maria Shikongo, I’m from Namibia. I am an orphan of war. It’s been 30 years since we know the definition of peace in this country and now Recon Africa is taking us back into memory lane. My father was a commander. We were fighting for our rights as black people to have the same equal rights. Now today we are fighting Recon Africa so they can leave our resources alone. Our water is so precious to our people and our wildlife. We have been experiencing droughts over and over and over again. And today, unfortunately, Recon Africa is coming to take that away from us. What Recon Africa is coming to do in Namibia is ecocide and genocide. Our San people they are foragers, their food will be taken away so Recon Africa can reap profits, to what extent our lives matter, that we have put ourselves on the front line so we can continue fighting this injustice that is being perpetuated onto our people and to indigenous people all over the globe. What did we do to deserve this injustice? The fossil fuel industry is busy invading our homes if these practises go on, there won’t be a planet left.

World, help us stop these criminals” –  Ina-Maria, Namibia

“ Hello my name is Fernanda Herrera, I’m from Mendoza, Argentina. I became an environmental activist about a year ago. I was one of the people who created the Extinction Rebellion group in our province and I have been indicted with criminal charges for taking part in a legal demonstration against fracking. I want to make this message so our situation can be heard, asking for help because environmental activists here are being persecuted, we are being indicted with criminal charges. It’s not just been an indictment for me but also fines that are extremely costly and impossible for people to pay. All I ask is that you share this message so it can reach everyone. So it is known that the big centres of power which are negotiating with governments here with the national and provincial governments, together with foreign multinationals are not only destroying our country but also turning our province into a sacrifice zone.

We want to have a healthy life, we need to breathe clean air, we need to drink clean water.  We want to continue this fight … we really just want all of this to stop. I appeal to the consciousness of whoever may watch this, and who can convey this message so its not just staying in a video, please help us spread this fight which is an important one, because we are confronting huge interests and huge monsters, so I ask for help”  – Fernanda Herrera, Mendoza Argentina