“Everywhere there’s a gap in the tress there’s a well, sometimes it(tap water) bubbles and hisses when it comes out … there were days when the four kids were out of school sick, everybody was sick, including me for over a month.  Jean next door spoke to me at church and asked had I noticed anything funny with the water” – Pat Farnelli, Pennsylvania USA

“I told them that I wasn’t happy that our water was good before they started drilling, and when they were done it was bad. They asked if we could prove that it was the cause. I told him to prove that it wasn’t. We were here for forty years and never had a problem with the water.” – Resident, Pennsylvania USA “In the beginning of November we noticed the colour and it began to taste metallic, it  turned brown then it looked like mud. The guys from the lab said don’t drink it, don’t shower in it, don’t do your laundry in it,don’t do anything in it. They put a pipe down in our water well and they are venting gas off it ….. We have three cats its happening to(hair loss and weight loss)What’s going to happen my kids a few years from now? They didn’t do it. They didn’t pollute the water.” – Debbie May, Pennsylvania USA

“We moved here because we love the woods. We wanted to stay here our whole lives. We’re not asking for a lot and now they’re taking it all away. In a million years, I never would have thought that people could do this and get away with it.” Cassie Spencer, Pennsylvania

“I had tremors on my right side, constant headaches, numbness. We both had heart attack symptoms” “Between the drill site and our house, there are so many people in Sugar Run who have water buffaloes, and they have a family up a mile away and he has two little kids and the same symptoms as me. Pennsylvania is going to be a wasteland. It’s going to be so contaminated no one is going to live there,” Carl Stiles (45) Pennsylvania