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March 22nd is the United Nations ‘World Water Day’, a date that should carry critical significance at a time when the climate crisis is leading to growing water scarcity. This vital life element has recently started trading in Wall Street as a speculative asset rather than a basic human right!




Today, 1 in 3 people in the world live without access to safe drinking water and the UN projects a dramatic increase in consumption (more than 50% by 2040) and scarcity (up to 5.7 billion people could be living in areas where water is scarce for at least one month a year by 2050)




With 2021 being the year of the COP26 Climate Conference in Scotland, and climate change having disproportionately severe effects on drought, water quality and food instability, which threatens the most vulnerable in the Global South, we need to act and claim this year’s World Water Day to highlight who is responsible for the current water crisis.   




It is the multinational companies that are the main perpetrators of contaminating and privatizing much of our planet’s vital fresh water resources as they prey upon these supplies through mining, fracking, agriculture, bottling and privatization land grabs.  


These corporate climate criminals go mostly unmentioned and untouched by global institutions and organizations who claim to be addressing the issue, and this includes the United Nations. Instead of using World Water Day to highlight the powerful corporate interests, they issue more empty slogans whilst ignoring the demands from vulnerable communities in the Global South. 




The global anti-fracking coalition, ‘Shale Must Fall’ will be joining forces with other international groups and movements to support a day of disruptive actions of international solidarity to highlight this issue and save this most essential life resource. 




Let’s come together and put the focus of this water crisis on the world’s largest corporate criminals!




Whether it be a digital action or one on the ground, if your group or campaign would like to join forces to coordinate actions of international solidarity please contact us either via email or via our Facebook page where we can share ideas. 






Frontline activism has been quite challenging in times of
Covid so check out some creative online actions here. 


We will also have our digital tool-kit to assist in how your campaign can get involved. This is coming soon. 




If you want to know more about our Shale Must Fall coalition check out our short trailer of December 2020 international actions.




#WeAreWaterNotWallStreet  #$O$Water #WaterIsLife
$O$Agua  #SinAguaNoHayVida  #ElAguaNoSeCotiza

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Southern Cape Africa

Southern Cape Africa

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