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Oil and gas fracking sites in Wickett, Texas. Photo: DennisDimick

The Struggle Unites Groups Around The World

From the Global South to the Global North, the fight to halt fossil-fuels expands

Rampant Resource Extraction Kills

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“The Okavango Delta covers over 36,000 square kilometres across Namibia, Botswana and it has been handed over to oil giant ReconAfrica for fracking. Fracking requires a lot of water which two desert countries do not have. That could lead to human and animal...


“On November third we were threatened by a group called The Black Eagles, and they threatened us to leave the territory to avoid our death or assassination. This perilous situation is being experienced by around 18 leaders who defend the water, the swamps and the air...

Texas USA

“My name is Janice Blancock, my son passed away on August 7th 2016. He was a healthy young teenage boy, out playing basketball. He woke up in the middle of the night on Thanksgiving break with excruciating pain and numbness in his legs. They diagnosed him with Ewings...

Pennsylvania USA

“Everywhere there’s a gap in the tress there’s a well, sometimes it(tap water) bubbles and hisses when it comes out ... there were days when the four kids were out of school sick, everybody was sick, including me for over a month.  Jean next door spoke to me at...


“She would always arrive, no matter what. I remember once we had an event here and we told her. She had no way to come all the way here or anything but she appeared walking. She appeared walking, and came here to stay with us, to accompany us. And we even laughed at...

SE England

SE England

UK Oil & Gas Ltd, Angus Energy, IGas (Igas are not ‘fracking’ in SE England but have conventional oil and gas sites which they would frack if they could!) are exploring and drilling in conventional and unconventional shale oil and gas reservoirs and reinjection of...



Nepal is a country known for its beautiful landscapes and natural and cultural heritages. For most of the last century, much of this has been ravaged by rampact developmental works. A new threat looms in the district of Dailekh for now. In early 2019, the Government...

Ireland Against Fracking

A Blueprint for how to succeed against the corporations as told by the successes in Ireland. Ireland is a front line in the global fight against the LNG industry. Our land features shale basins, ripe for fracking. We are also on the shipping route from North America....

Stories From The Frontlines

(Video Testimonial Page - main menu) “My name is Ina – Maria Shikongo, I’m from Namibia. I am an orphan of war. It’s been 30 years since we know the definition of peace in this country and now Recon Africa is taking us back into memory...